Protect your business from targeted attacks.

With a team of seasoned security experts, Traboda’s pentesting services help you find and patch vulnerabilities before a hacker does.


what we do

Traboda's Pentesting Services

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Check your exposure to realistic attack scenarios.

Our state-of-the-art pentesting techniques perform targeted attacks to identify vulnerabilities that replicate a real-life attack.
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Team of experienced pentesters

Pentests are only as good as their attackers. Our team of pentesters bring over a decade of experience finding critical vulnerabilities in publicly used systems
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Actionable reporting & quick remediation

Detailed documentation of all findings, after-action report, with support for quick remediation to deliver maximum value


Average cost of each data breach to companies


Number of security incidents in 2021


Companies are unaware of vulnerabilities prior to a breach


Number of cyber attacks each day

Why Pentest?

Pentesting are simulated attacks performed by ethical hackers to identify weak points in a system's defense. Pentests are performed to identify, report and patch exploitable vulnerabilities before a malicious attacker or agent could leverage the same. Such unpatched vulnerabilities could lead to potential breach of personal or company data and hurt the business profits and reputation of the company.

check iconPrevent data breaches

check iconProactively find & patch critical vulnerabilities

check iconProtect your business & customers

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Traboda's 5 Step Approach

Let’s see how it works


Step 1

Fix the scope of Pentesting

Initial disscussion with our team for scoping. By the end of the call you will receive a proposal and quote.


Step 2

Blueprinting the Pentest

In this stage our team ensure that we have access to the target in scope. We prepare our arsenal and testcases against which the targets will be tested.


Step 3

Test and identify vulnerabilities

Our team looks into the targets in scope from the external attackers perspective. This ensure that the assessment is conducted in a extensive and elaborated manner ensuring maximum coverage as possible in a time-bound approach.


Step 4

Extensive test report

Once the full scope is tested, you will receive an extensive report with overview, proof of concept, description, and suggestions for remediation


Step 5

On-demand support

We also support with on-demand optional request for retest, if necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pentest my application?
A hacker gaining access to your database or application can be detrimental to the future of your business. With pentesting, you can find the vulnerabilities in your software that could be exploited
Why pentest with Traboda?
With a collection of state-of-the-art pentesting techniques and expertise from an experienced community of pentesters, we ensure that your product is secure against attackers.
How much does it cost?
The cost depends on the scope of testing and can vary based on your needs. Contact us to get a quote for your application.
Can Traboda test for my custom cases?
Sure - just contact us and we will look into what we can do..

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